The return of Fun Days brings some changes as well.  One of the large changes is a need to revamp the electrical service to allow for distribution of electrical access throughout the campus and to provide event lighting.

The upgrades accessed the currently electrical panel in the school basement to re-run service to two distribution panels and an upgrade to the electrical panel near the baseball diamond.  In addition to these upgrades, four light poles with LED lights were installed.  Three along the west edge of the parish grounds and another by the basketball court.  These upgrades will supply electricity and lighting for Fun Days and provide greater safety use of the St. Joseph Parish grounds.

Local contractors and parishioners Mark Barndt, Jerry Fetzer, Jamie McAllister, Joe Kruser, Alex Kruser, Scott Schlegel, Matt Schlegel, Terry Sullivan, and Phil Recker donated their time and skill to the project since last summer.  The upgrade is nearly complete and will be in place in early 2018.

A fundraising campaign of $35,000 to meet the costs of this project and the additional one-time costs of bringing back Fun Days was kicked off in July.  To date, we have received $18,000 which covered the electrical upgrade, however we can still use your financial help to offset the additional one-time costs for items such as building games, fencing, tables and chairs.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact one of the Steering Committee members or send it to the parish office c/o Fun Days.