Throughout my tenure at St. Joseph as your pastor, a consistent voice I have heard from various age groups of the parish is the desire for a comprehensive parish wide event that would draw the parish together for service and fun.

Having heard that voice, and because of the generous initiative of some energetic and dedicated parishioners, and after seeking the consultative advice of the Pastoral Council , we are here today to announce something old and something new, the rejuvenation of the parish wide event we have known as the St. Joseph Fun Days, that’s the old, and the new being the vision and mission of the event.

The vision of the event is to call the parish together.  Its mission is to evangelize parishioners and others who participate in the event; to build our community as parishioners work and socialize with each other; to love and serve parishioners and guests, and; to assist in funding the mission of the parish.

Sincerely yours,

Fr. David O’Connor